Alton Brothers’ Bio

Do you ever allow yourself
the pleasure of experiencing the wonders of life
in the small things you see everyday?
The incredible colors of a rainbow,
a morning sunrise
the energy of the perfect flower
formed in the sky by fireworks?


Award winning photographer
Alton C. Brothers,
draws you into his world of observation
while reminding us all that life is
more than making money…
Alton says,

I want people to see and appreciate the beauty,
excitement and the joy that surrounds us everyday.
My photographs are a kaleidoscope of life’s expressions.”

For over 25 years Alton has been taking photographs always wanting to photograph something
unique and beautiful wherever the opportunity presented itself.
Some of Alton’s photographs are owned by a former ambassador, celebrities and others who
collect fine art photography.


Alton Brothers has photographed exciting scenes world wide including
the United States, the Arctic and Antarctica,
Bermuda, Argentina, Jamaica, Peru
Canada, Panama and Iceland

Some of the places he has photographed include
Buenos Aires, Lima, New York, Toronto,
Rio de Janeiro, Reykjavik, Montreal, Puente Arenas
Port-au-Spain and

Alton Brothers’ work has recently been on exhibition
in Los Angeles, New York and Miami.


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